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      The employee signing this application authorizes Concrete Placement, Inc. to release information to HUB International Insurance Services, Inc. for the sole purpose of obtaining their driving record. They also authorize HUB International Insurance Services, Inc. to release this information to Concrete Placement, Inc., for the sole purpose of evaluating their insurability as a driver.

      This authorization will remain in effect for as long as the person signing below is an employee of Concrete Placement, Inc.

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    • Under penalties of perjury, I declare that my answers to the questions on this application and any necessary examinations and supplements are true and give Concrete Placement, Inc. the right to investigate all information given and to secure additional appropriate information if necessary. I understand that an investigative report may be made from information obtained through personal interviews with others. I understand that this inquiry may include information as to my personal characteristics, employment verification, credential verification, personal identity verifications, reference checks, criminal records, motor vehicle records, and appropriateness for employment. In accordance with the law and my understanding of this statement, I authorize my current and former employers to give any information regarding my employment, together with all information regarding me, and hereby release from all liability or responsibility all persons, companies, or corporations furnishing such information in good faith. I also authorize the release of my scholastic ratings to the Concrete Placement, Inc by schools and other education institutions that I have attended.

      I understand that the completion of this application does not assure me of a position with the Concrete Placement, Inc and does not obligate Concrete Placement, Inc to me in any way. I further understand that any misrepresentation herein may cause my application to be rejected, my name to be removed from the eligible register and/or subject me to dismissal. Candidates selected for hire must pass a physical and drug screen prior to employment. I am aware that the results will be made available to the Human Resources Director or a duly authorized representative. Concrete Placement, Inc. is committed to a drug free work place to protect the safety of workers and the public and will comply with the Federal Drug Free Work Place Act.

      I understand that this application, exam documents and attachments become a part of Concrete Placement, Inc. records and will not be returned, reused or copied for me once submitted.

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    • Reminder: With your application, bring original transcripts, training certifications, professional licenses & certifications and other documents as indicated in the application instructions. If a certification or license is renewed after submission of this application, please bring in your current document for us to copy. An expired credential may result in you not being considered for a vacancy.

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