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2003 Schwing KVM32XLG

Serial #: 170522735
VIN: 1M2K189C73M022698
Miles: 307,120

Price: $210,000.00

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1999 Schwing 2023-4/KMV 34X

Mounted on a 2015 Volvo VHD64F200
(purchased new by Concrete Placement Inc, remainder of factory warranty)
20k lbs Front Axles
46K lbs Rear Axles with locker
D11-Mack Engine 365Hp-1340ft-lbs torque
Allison 4500RDS Automatic Transmission
Pump was gone through refurbished in 2004-2005
Lien On Pump with Volvo Finance
Wireless Remote Only
New Dae Young Twin Wall Pipe Deck-Tip August 2016

Price: $237,500.00

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Everdigm ECP 38ZX

Mounted on a 2011 International Transtar 8677
Boom Length: 38 Meter
Engine: Maxforce
Truck Miles: 449,461
Truck Hours: 10,646
Pump Hours: 415

PRICE: $312,000.00

(Price was $369,000.00)

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Everdigm 33CX-5

Boom: 5 Section and R-Z type
Vertical Reach: 108′ 4″
Horizontal Reach: 93′ 8″
Depth Reach: 69′
Delivery Pipe Diameter: 5″
Slewing range: 370 Degrees
Front Outrigger: X extension
Rear Outrigger: Swing-Type

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Everdigm 56CX5

Boom: 5 Section R-Z
Vertical Reach: 182ft
Horizontal Reach: 168ft
Depth Reach: 132ft
Delivery Pipe Diameter: 5″
Slewing range: 360 Degrees
Front Outrigger: X-Type
Rear Outrigger: Swing-Type

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3-52 2011 Everdigm 52CX

Serial #: ECP5216CX1001
Mounted on a 2007 Mack MR688 S
VIN: 1M2K189C37M039567
License Plate #: 7CNT679
Engine: Mack AI427
Serial #: 6X0876
Engine Family: 6MKXH1 9V65
Truck Miles: 13,811
Truck Hours: 480
Pump Hours: 81

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5-28 Putzmeister BSF 28Z.16H

Serial # 210601989
Mounted on a 2007 Mack MR688
VIN: 1M2K197C67M035411
Engine Model: AI400
Serial #: 6H0311
Engine Family: 6MKXH11.9V65
Truck Miles: 131,402
Truck Hours: 11,510
Pump Hours: 1,705

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TB-02 2003 Putzmeister TB105-18

Serial #: 390600184
Mounted on a 2003 Mack RD 688
VIN: 1M2P267C73M066114
Engine Model: AI350
Serial #: 2M1933
Engine Family 2MKH11.9V65
Truck Miles: 107,629
Truck Hours: 5,050
Pump Hours: 2,883

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1-52 1999 Putzmeister BSS52.16H

Serial #: 2199060787
Mounted on a 1999 Mack CH613
VIN: 1M2AA18Y1XW115940
Engine: E7 – 460
Engine Family: XMKYH11.9E54
Serial #: 9D0614
Truck Miles: 125,112
Truck Hours: 8,539
Pump Hours: 1,791

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2-46 2004 Putzmeister BSF 46.20HH

Serial #: 210600784
Mounted on a 2003 Mack MR688S
VIN: 1M2K201C13M020701
Engine: E7-460E
Engine Family: 2MKXH119H63
Serial #: 2MKXH119H63.2C305
Truck Miles: 128,273
Truck Hours: 16,318
Pump Hours: 3,628

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